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I’ve always been the kind of guy that enjoys the better things in life.

I spend much of my time curating items in all areas of my world but have always struggled finding sex products that not only work well, but also look nice if I leave them out. That is, until I stumbled across Überlube. On first glance you can see that this lube really in its own league. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle, which looks amazing on your nightstand and feels like a bit of an impressive flex when you pull it out with a new guy. It has an easy application pump which I personally thought would come in handy for the dreaded mid-sex reapplication but this formula has other plans.

überlube lets you feel all the things you want to feel.

The silicone formula is über thick so I really thought that it would get sticky pretty quickly. For the first time in my life I was happy to be wrong. Überlube is SUPER long lasting. Being a gay man working in the adult industry, I would say that I’m a bit of a lube officiando. I use it alone and with others, so believe me that when I say that this stuff is incredible, it is.

I know that many of my fellow gays are concerned about how to transport a 100ml glass bottle to the club or to your new friends-with-benefits place but, worry not! Überlube still has you covered with 15ml travel size bottles. So, you don’t have to sacrifice spontaneity for a bit of luxury. As it turns out you can even fix your wild sex hair with a small pump of this stuff. The high-quality-silicone and scent-free formula tames your hair and helps your “after-sex saunter” look a little more put together. If you do actually have along walk home you can rub a bit of überlube on your inner thighs to prevent chafing.

Now, before you hit your next cruising spot or take a night on the town pick up some Überlube to keep things running smoothly. Honestly, the only thing more versatile than your favorite grindr guy is this lube.

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