For this interview we decided to give you what you are looking for, Boner style. With the one and only Pig Boy Ruben on our cover and acting up as usual. He was totally down with talking frankly about is career in this exclusive 1 on 1 interview and here is what he has to say:

We love your name ‘PIGBOYRUBEN’ and also that you 100% live up to it. When did you realise that this was what you wanted?

In the beginning of my career I used different name, it was Ruben Litzky. I started to shoot porn back in Prague when I was 23 doing twink productions. Yes, I was a twink, if you don’t believe me, google it!

After 3 years I was not sure if I wanted to continue to do porn anymore. I was really bored to be honest and I took a short year break. Then I visited Berlin and I got offer to shoot for production here. It was a Skinhead movie for Young Bastards. That was something new and very different from productions I have done before and I became excited again. I realised this is the way I wanted to perform since I am naturally into all kinds of kinky sex. The name PIGBOY came later with my fetish years in porn. I originally picked this name as my nickname for tumblr blog and I used this name in porn for the first time on Machofucker – since then PIGBOY was born.

You are one of the most prolific ‘versatiles’ in the porn scene. Can you tell us what gives you the biggest sexual thrill when you are topping?

The power of being in charge, to dominate and breed the guy who is under my body.

And also when you are bottoming?

The thrill of being penetrated by big raw cock of course – and both of those answers come from a very primal place.

What or who was your most memorable sexual encounter?

There are many fucks I could talk about and then it would be totally unfair if I forget somebody. Generally I love to be on the same vibe with my partner and if I find the boy cute in my way of thinking and he is into kinky sex it is always a blast.

Are you a silicone, water based or spit kind of guy for that long lasting fuck session?

I love to eat ass nice and deep so the cock slides in naturally.

If someone asked you out on a dinner date where would you like to go? And what would you talk about?

If someone asked me out and wanted to make me happy at the same time it should be to a nice Italian restaurant because man’s love comes from stomach.

We would talk about anything and everything  I love to read and learn new things, I love to follow politics. Not many people know that I also write poetry in Czech. My third book is coming this August. I have a romantic soul and I know it does not show at the first, maybe not even on second glance. But people who have seen the short movie by Bruce LaBruce would surely agree on that. We would not definitely talk about sex all night on our first date! Ok, well maybe only for a few minutes.

On your page you list both Berlin and Paris as your bases. How do these cities compare in their sexual offerings and appetites?

Well I am a traveling man, always on the move. Berlin is where I feel the most at home and where I love to shoot my content. Paris is beautiful and romantic and guys are not that easy going as in Berlin but you can find some really kinky pearls there too.

Barcelona should be on the list also and as I spend more and more time in Spain I am falling in love with it too!

When did you start your PigBoyRuben site and how is that going?

I think it’s going great! I am receiving many messages on different platforms from guys telling me they love my work. And I am very happy and grateful for that. I am happy that I am an independent man doing the thing I love and doing it my way. That is why I started my own production.

To be free and to do things my way. When you work for others you can of course bring your own thoughts and ideas but it is never your project.

I knew since I started my tumblr profile many years ago sharing gifs from my amateur fuck-vids that this content is real because I was more natural and did the things the way I wanted. I started to be very popular on tumblr and it gave me a thought, why not to open your fucking platform and shoot videos with all the kinks you love and you wanna share? It took time and money to evolve this dream into reality but it was totally worth it.

It has been online for two years now and I am always trying to do new things while keeping the original amateur vibe. That works the best for me and that is who I am. It is not some random bullshit, too much acting or directing. It is about sex and fucking. I love to keep things natural and genuine. I only shoot scenes with guys I am really into and comfortable with. And I am sure people can see that.

Whats next for you and when will you be back in Berlin ?

I am in Berlin quite often. It’s the city where my heart is. I will be here for sure around big events like Folsom and Hustlaball. In the meantime I love to explore new places. My big dream is Brazil and I hope I will make it happen next year. This gringo Pigboy will be coming to South America soon and I can’t wait! (gt)