Onalle was voted Mr. Fetish Finland for 2020 and he tells us about what is happening in the fetish scene in Finland.

In our exclusive interview with Onalle talks with Boner World Magazine about his relatively quick rise from fetish newbie to being voted Mr. Fetish Finland for 2020.

Onalle - Kuopio, Finland
Onalle – Kuopio, Finland

What is the gay and fetish world like in Finland?

The gay and fetish scene here is good but it’s still evolving. Progress is a bit slow because of the smaller size of the gay community in Finland. Most of the events happen in the capital area. There are no gay bars or clubs In the town where I do my studies.

The main factor is that there are no specialised shops catering to fetish needs. Everything has to be purchased online or when you’re travelling. Otherwise, it’s nice and safe here and local guys are cute and handsome.

Tom of Finland is the founding father of this movement, so is there a deep rooted tradition there?

I come from the Czech Republic and have been living here in Finland for two and a half years. As far as I know, WW2 mainly impacted Tom of Finland’s heritage and also the fact that during that time homosexuality was still illegal. His drawings and sketches were published in California based magazines, not so much here in Finland. His legacy has more or less returned to Finland via the USA and the major cities in Europe that have larger fetish communities.

Mr. Fetish Finland 2020 - Onalle
Mr. Fetish Finland 2020 – Onalle

How long has there been a Mr. Fetish Finland?

Tom’s Club organises the contest and I am a newcomer on the fetish scene and rather a fresh member of MSC Finland. For this interview  question, I consulted with Holter Finn who is Mr. Fetish Finland 2016. He explained that there has been a Mr. Fetish Finland contest since 2012. Before that there was only a Mr. Leather Finland. 

What are the differences between a Mr. Leather and a Mr. Fetish title?

All the participants must be members of MSC Finland  and Tom’s Club. The difference is mainly in the name of the titles. The main purpose of the introduction of the Mr. Fetish title is to engage a wider fetish crowd compared to Mr. Leather title. It has been done because of a rather small scene here. But you can also see sportswear guys, puppies, rubber guys and construction workers. Even though the name of the club includes MSC, which stands for Motor Sport Club, we do not exclude anyone and all subcultures are welcome. 

Can you share what was your introduction to the fetish world?

Tom introduced to this world at Helsinki Pride 2019. He was the previous Mr. Fetish Finland. We met at at an afterparty there. He invited me to join him at the Finlandization 2019 party. This was the first fetish party in my life. Back then, I didn’t have any of my own leather gear and he lent me some in the spirit of brotherhood. All the people were friendly and kind but I was still nervous. Everybody accepted me as I am.


What are your plans for 2020 with this new title fo Mr. Fetish 2020?

Currently, there is still much discussion of the agenda with the steering committee of the club. We hope to increase the visibility of the club and make it more appealing to the younger crowd. As Mr. Fetish Finland I will work to promote Tom of Finland’s heritage and be more visible on the international scene. Access to PrEP is a hot topic in the Finnish community as well. We want to organise master classes and workshops covering topics such as bondage, PrEP, BLUF and more. (gt) 

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