I am constantly amazed and annoyed by leather porn vids, when the guys slowly undress to the point of not being in the gear at all!  In my books if the guys are geared, the gear stays on!  My love of leather comes from a tender young age, from seeing sexy cowboys in movies to villains and baddies in TV shows, always in leather gloves, which are so important in my opinion.

I’d never written any literature in my life and had no aspirations to do so.  So how did this come about?  Well I had a sabbatical from work and got to reading stuff online.  When I say stuff, I mean gay erotica.  This along with flicking through porn on Tumblr (in the good old days when you could) I was finding the writing I’d found, on the whole, left me wanting.  I thought to myself, “I reckon I could have a go at that.”  

After chatting to a guy on Tumblr, I decided to write up my sex fantasy, which was the foundations of The Misfits Part 1 – The Chance Meeting.  With a huge desire for men in leather and wearing it myself, I wanted to write about guys in gear.  It was also important for me to write about guys having sex in leather gear. 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Bobby sat strapped to the chair.  Where had they gone?  What were they doing?  His heart was racing and his cock was throbbing.  They were gone for around ten minutes when the door they went through re-opened.  

Max appeared first, grinning from ear to ear.  He said, “You are gonna be in for a real treat Bitch.”  Max was followed by Cole who was now head to foot in leather.  Jacket, a harness revealing a beautiful chest with some nice chest hair and treasure trail. ‘That’s grown since school’ Bobby thought.  Leather chaps tight on his thighs which looked great with the Nikes.  But then, wow.  The crowning glory.  A leather jock on his hairy crotch.  Cole looked fucking evil in that gear.  Hot and evil.  Bobby knew he was in for some real trouble.”  

Spurred on I decided to write another kinky scenario but with my same three characters.  Another BDSM session with a new victim for my heroes to play with.  This one I really got into the descriptions of the gear as well as started to develop my characters personalities.  This became book 2 – Pain and Ecstasy. 

I like to write about real places, bars and restaurants I have visited. 

To give the stories a level of realness.  If you know Chicago, you will know of the places I have mentioned.  For me this makes the story have more depth.  Same goes for my characters, I wanted them to have a back story, so the reader can get connected to them, to understand the way they behave.  I want the reader to get to know them.  Relate to one of them maybe.  Wish they could fuck one of them.  

My writing is hardcore in places and quite aggressive, but there is reasons for that, to give you an understanding of the characters back story.  I’m after a ‘5 cum’ rating rather than a 5 star rating.  But I also want to give the reader a story that hangs the kinky parts together.  Never underestimate the value of storytelling, because that’s what brings the books to life.  The feedback has been awesome and I’ve loved chatting to readers on Instagram, telling me who they relate too, what bits they got off too and how much they enjoyed the reading. Some guys say they have never read a book until they read one of mine which is an incredible feeling.  

More from the books:

“Ok,” said Max, “Listen very carefully, I’m in charge and if you follow my instructions, we will all have a good evening.  You Bobby will be referred to as Bitch from now on and will do as we say.  The safe word is ‘RED’.  Be sure to use it at any point you want us to stop, and we will.  But I really hope you don’t have to use it.  Do you understand, both of you?” 

“Yes,” said Bobby. 

“Uh huh, whatever,” said Cole.

“Ok Cole, over to you.  Play with Bitch however you wish, while I get some beers for us two.  Be sure to show your inner bully again.  I want to see Bitch cry tonight.”

Getting them printed

At first I my stories were on kindle but some wanted a physical copy, so I acted on their feedback. To finally get a physical copy in my hands was far more of an emotional experience than I expected.  I’d written a book!  A proper book and it was here in my hands and I was looking at it.  Wow that was a rush I can tell you.  And then the added bonus has been seeing readers posting and sending me pics of the book in their homes and in their hands.  Seeing my arse on the cover, sitting in other sexy guys homes has been another kinky thrill for me. And yes, all the covers are photos of me. 


The Misfits series was published this year and many have asked if I will continue with book six.  At the moment I have no plans to continue with this series, but who knows that may change.  Currently, I am writing a brand new book with new characters.  This one is a gay love story, with a lot of kink and leather.  Again I wanted a story to build on with a good mix of characters.  This new one is set in the UK largely and I’m hoping this will be available on kindle and paperback together later on in the new year. (gt) 

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