Boner World presents the digital works of obbzart from the UK.  His creations blur the borders of photography, painting and sculpture and also race and age.

Pride 3
Digital Rendering
by: obbzart

How did you get started with digital rendering?

From an early age I was quite a techy, building computers before Windows was even a thing and when DOS was still the way computers ran.  This combined with a general interest in digital creativity slowly evolved, first within code, then video production and animation and then 3D felt like the final step to bring all of this together.

As for the models are they totally imagined, from live models or other?

All imagined, I’ve always kinda enjoyed drawing imagined men so now I’m kinda making them somewhat more real.  Sometimes the bodies or faces may relate slightly to people I know, but mostly its all imagined. 

I like that you portray figures seemingly of different races. Why is this important to you?

I found within the 3D world, most work was mainly white women with large breasts.  So originally I just wanted to do a more queer male version of that, as I learned more about other artists, I just found the bulk of work people didi wasn’t very diverse and it was all rather white, or robotic looking.  I wanted to make surreal art that people from all backgrounds could relate to and also feel included within my art.

Let Go
Digital Rendering
by: obbzart

Are any of these a selfie?

A lot of pieces are how I was feeling at the time, some maybe have slightly darker meanings behind them.  I have made myself in 3D, but thats still very much a word in progress.  I have toyed with the idea of maybe making a little short film with a 3D me in it however.

What is the significance of the clear and transparent pieces that the models are wearing?

A lot of these pieces look like clothing, but they’re actually part of them.  The pieces they are wearing are actually made from glass and firmly stuck on their bodies.  As if that was part of their persona rather than just something put on. 

Digital Rendering
by: obbzart

Whats next for obbzart?

Motion!  The ultimate goal is to make my imagination as real as possible.  Everything is rather static at the moment, so the next steps are going to be planning out a short film, something to try and bring in more narrative to my work.

Pride Kiss
Digital Rendering
by: obbzart

What are your thoughts about animating your figures?

Yes, a few I have done so far.  Mainly just rather sassy walks, but I have made a few music videos for bands and my past work was all purely using porn videos and animation to make them into rather abstract visuals.  I plan to do similar work to this but with the figures animated.

I’m always open to collaboration with other creatives, I want more work to be as inclusive as possible and I feel collaborations with a diverse set of artists can really benefit this. (gt)

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