With all the news over the last months and years from the UK, the main topics have mostly been Brexit, Megxit, Tories & T-rump’s ‘frenemy’ and new PM – BJ (Boris Johnson).

I think that for the most part people are just a bit tired of all this political circus and want to talk about something else. What about the social and sexual habits of the gay guys in the UK? What’s on their mind and what are they doing about it? Here, the people from Porn Hub have compiled some “scientific data” on the habits of these elusive creatures from across the Channel. 

They complied an immense amount of tracking data to come up with these very interesting statistics on what the gays look for and ultimately look at on their mobiles when they are looking for a late night hookup or a quick and satisfying wank.  

The categories are both expected and surprising at the same time. They use the same categories for this survey all around the world so they do not include some of the more flowery and UK specific terms that we mention below.  

This exit poll shows that the most viewed NSFW category on Pornhub Gay in the United Kingdom is “Straight Guys”, followed by “Black” and in third place comes “Daddy”. 

This number one category of straight guys: what does that say about these sommeliers of slut? I am not here to judge, just merely posing a question of their personal and regional taste.  

One must also factor in the terms coined by the Brits to get a clearer picture of their native desires. The top relative searches showed that regional slang like “british chav” is nearly 1200% more popular in the U.K. than in other locations, along with “chav”, “british lads”, “english lads” and “wanking”.  On your next jaunt to London when you are sipping on your pint with the council lads, you can now cruise the apps like a local. 

Boner World wants to know – what are your top categories to search when you feel the urge to merge? (gt)

Graphics courtesy Pornhub.com