Leander, the hottest ginger guy in the gay porn business was a recent cover guy on our magazine. He has starred in countless porn movies, modelled for the Red Hot series and also a food porn calendar.  Plus he a scientist – which ticks yet another box for all you porn nerds out there. How could you not love this sexy guy?

How many movies have you made so far ? And which one was the most memorable so far ? 

I’ve lost count! But I’ve been in porn for about five years now so there’s a lot out there. I guess the most memorable was shooting ‘An Investor Calls’ for UKHotJocks in a donkey shed in the middle of Wales. It was freezing and there were literally donkeys there, just out of shot. 

Raw Dogging is Treasure Island Media’s first feature about puppies. Are you a newcomer or veteran of this scene and how did you get cast here for this production?

I was in New York for a short work trip and Treasure Island asked if I’d shoot for them while I was there. I actually haven’t been in that many movies featuring puppies so I’m definitely a newcomer … but I’ve had my hands on a few pups over the years. I keep a collar and chain in my bedroom, just in case…

Tell us about your experience working with the director Max Sohl on this shoot.

Max was great – very relaxed. I like his style because he goes for very natural-looking scenes. Would gladly work with him again any time. 

Leander at Camden Lock

Is there a possibility of more ginger on ginger porn scene for the future?

I’ve filmed with Jonas Jackson for Blake Mason…and yes, there are definitely more on the way. Gingers never used to get much attention in studio porn, so make sure you tell your favourite companies you want to see more gingers – specifically me, haha.

Are you single or spoken for?

I have a boyfriend, we’ve been together for just over four years.

photo by: Florian Hetz

If you are bottoming, how do you train for taking a big cock?

If you are topping, how do you help the bottom take it better? 

Bottoming: Practice practice practice! But most importantly don’t forget to breathe.

Topping: Pay attention: watch the way the bottom moves, listen to the noises he makes. This is true even in a rough scene where you have to be dominant. You don’t have to be gentle, but you do need to build up the intensity together, otherwise it’s just clumsy dick-shoving and no one likes that.


What are your interests when you are not in front of the camera?

I’m also a neuroscientist  and you can legit call me ‘Doctor’ if you like how that sounds.

I also like to travel, I read a lot, and I spend a lot of time eating.

photo by: Ioan Nascu

You recently did a food calendar shoot. On that topic, are you down with eating a gingerbread men cookies or is that a no go?   

Oh wow, that followed perfectly from the last question! I will eat all the gingerbread men that you bring me!  Plus all the other cakes and cookies too. 

What is your wish list of locations to film at next?

I have a big following in South America, particularly Brazil, so would be fun to go there.  I always love travelling around the US. Anywhere really, I love to go to new places. I pack light and I like to explore… Just no more donkey sheds please!

Exciting plans for the future?

Well I’m looking forward to the delivery of gingerbread men! After that, who knows!? (gt)

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