This is number 6 in our series “Home Alone” talking with guys in quarantine

Porn Star Michael Boston
Porn Star Michael Boston

In this interview we spoke with Naked Sword power bottom Michael Boston.

He is winner of the title “Favorite Butt 2020 at Str8upgayporn Awards for 2020”. Check out his live show tonight, plus he will be on again this Saturday and Sunday for a repeat performance. Make sure that you check this out. The link is at the bottom of the page.

Are you really from Boston? 

I was actually born in England and moved to the states when I was 2 years old. I’ve never been to Boston.

Porn Star Michael Boston
Porn Star Michael Boston

What does it feel like to get the award for “Favourite Butt”? 

It felt very exciting and unreal. There are so many great butts out there. Mine is just one in an ocean of amazing asses. I’m just glad that my fans turned out and voted. They’re the reason that I won that.

Do you have some pointers on any good butt exercises/workouts? 

Honestly, I was born with really big legs. I felt like a frog growing up. Back then I had a narrow torso and giant legs with a big ass. I don’t do anything different than what others do. On a regal schedule, I do all the stereotypical exercises. If you want your butt to grow I’d recommend at least 2 or 3 leg days and doing the stair master every other day for an hour on level 12 or 14.

Porn Star Michael Boston
Porn Star Michael Boston

What is your most memorable scene in front of the camera? 

I just did a really interesting scene with Mr. Pam for and it was a virtual/cam sex scene. It was super interesting and different.

What was the funniest experience you had on a set? 

I was doing a scene and I had to do a cream pie. As I was trying to push it out I was basically farting for 5 minutes while trying to push out the cum. I’m doing this while the director is dying laughing. It was pretty funny. Cream pies are not always the easiest thing to do and they’re definitely not a very glamorous thing to try to do, but it looked good. That’s all that matters.

Porn Star Michael Boston
Porn Star Michael Boston

What do you recommendations for movies to watch –  porn & non porn ? 

Porn, anything with me in it. lol. Non porn I’d see Peppermint or the Invisible Man.

What have you been doing to keep busy while home alone during the lockdown?

Just been trying to shoot solo content, home workouts, organising, cleaning, going on long walks, Online school, etc.

What have you been missing the most these past few weeks? 

I’ve been missing working with directors and studios and I’ve been missing the gym. It’s been hard. Hopefully everything will be running again soon.

What are your plans for post lockdown? 

I’ll be heading straight to the gym. It’s been over a month for me.  (gt)


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