We present another in our series “Home Alone” talking with guys from various locations about how they are handling quarantines. This time we speak with adult performer Wade Wolfgar from Canada.

Hi Wade. Where are you based now and how is it going? 

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m doing well, all things considered.

How did you get started in the porn business? Give us the scoop! 

In 2017 I started escorting to make some extra money, and I shot a couple of awful scenes that haunt me to this day. Several months later I started posting dick pics on twitter and before I knew it I had a substantial following. Then studios started asking if I was interested in filming. It took time to get comfortable with it, but here we are today!

I see a few labels that you have worked with on your twitter page. 

I’ve filmed with Raging Stallion the most, but I love RawFuckClub. Timtales was also a great experience.

Has there ever been a bottom that had trouble taking your big dick?

Yes, many struggle to take my cock, but the guys who want it bad enough somehow always manage!

Can you tell us about the transition of working with porn labels to doing your only fans & just for fans 

I wouldn’t call it a transition exactly – they work in tandem. The studios have higher production values and command a large, loyal audience which is good advertising for the Fans pages, escorting, dancing, and live shows. Filming Fans content is lower pressure and more enjoyable sex, so it helps maintain balance.

Why these 2 accounts? What unique features does each have that you like? 

Onlyfans rose first and has the largest user base. I find the users there are more likely to like, comment, DM, and re-subscribe. The simplicity of the platform makes it super easy.

Justforfans has a good layout with way more options for promotion, customisation, analytics, and so forth. The interface sometimes borders on confusing, and they take a higher percentage of profits, but it is superior in almost every way. Dominic there is very hands-on with the sex work community and goes out of his way to build the platform and listen to everybody.

Shout out to 4myfans. Hire a designer and I will try it out!

Where do you see the future of porn going from here? 

Hard to say where it will go from here. Fans sites were revolutionary in many ways and everyone is still adapting to it. I expect to see more and more permutations of what independent content can look like. We are already getting bored of 2-4 guys fucking on a bed with a fixed camera. Models are beginning to get more experimental and creative with their output.

Have you noticed an uptick in viewer numbers now that more guys are home in quarantine? 

I have seen a modest increase in subscribers and people asking for private videos, for which I am eternally grateful at this time, but I know this is not the case for everyone.

Self Portrait
by artist: Wade Wolfgarr

What have you been doing to mix up your daily routine while social distancing? 

To be quite honest, my routine hasn’t changed all that drastically. I’m used to being alone at home. I’ve been editing porn, making solo videos, jogging, drawing and painting, reading, gaming, movies and tv, and watching a ton of video essays on philosophy and gender identity. I also live with two good friends and their dog which makes a huge difference. If I can get by without wallowing in despair then I consider that a success.

Do you have any special advice for those that might be in recovery when it comes to coping with this new normal? 

I’ve already experienced friends and acquaintances relapsing in the midst of isolation, and I totally understand it. For many, isolation is the worst possible behaviour for maintaining psychological/emotional health.


I read one message in particular that you posted that made me contact you for this. Can you give a shout out of positivity for the future to the LGBT+ community? 

I have been dancing with anxiety and depression most of my life, and I have kicked some nasty addictions in the past. If this pandemic had happened a few years ago, I would be a fucking mess.

My advice is to call your friends and family!

Call them every day if you have to. Ask them to check in on you once in a while. For those who are in recovery, I know there are online meetings for AA and NA. Surely there are more support groups for other struggles tied to addiction and depression. You can also schedule Skype sessions with counsellors and psychologists, all through a handful of Google searches. I know therapy is not as visceral over a webcam, but maintaining consistency is healthy. Do your hair, put on some pants, paint your nails, trim your pubes, brush and floss. Even if you’re not going outside, these routines have a huge effect on your mood. Meditate, exercise, paint, sing, write, do a fucking puzzle. Whatever works.

And for fuck’s sake, don’t hook up with strangers. If you’re going to get dick anyway, find ONE fuck buddy until transmission rates are in decline please.

I’m not exactly the most positive person in the world, but there’s always a bright side if you take enough time to look for it. Keep your heads up kiddos. One day at a time. (gt)

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