French Superstar of porn Francois Sagat tells us his story in an exclusive interview for Boner World Magazine.  Sagat talks about his rise to the top in the porn world by being the best bottom.

It all stared with Citébuer which is known for it’s sneaker-mec porn. Was that a fetish of yours?

Yeah, I did start with Citébeur  in 2004 but “sneaker-mec or porn thug” was never really a fetish for me. I was kinda young and wasn’t really aware of the business that was behind the emergence of this type of movies. It was very stigmatized and portraying a certain social environment through a very bad and basic cliche. I didn’t really feel myself during those years and felt exploited knowing that the business worked really well back then.  Plus I didn’t earn very much, in terms of money or image. Yes I was “desired” but also mocked through the phenomenon by most of the viewers. It was good for the experience but not really the style I would have liked to start with. Moving forward, redirecting my choices to the US market was a better idea.

Francois Sagat in BLAB – LA ZOMBIE
photo by: Arno Roca

My all time favourite movie of your’s so far is LA Zombie, partially because I used to live there and I like horror films.

I love L.A.Zombie, I’m so proud of it and I was proud of it the time we shot it (2009), despite my entourage’s concerns. Really mixed reviews at the beginning but the time made it Cult and still everyone remembers it. Bruce LaBruce was a great, great encounter in my career. We met a year before shooting it so we kinda brainstormed a lot together throughout the year.

How did you prepare for this role as a Zombie?

Talking about  a phantasmagorical atmosphere, designs, shapes, looks, styling, locations, behaviors, gait, etc, but not much about a real script. A zombie doesn’t express much, it’s all about the gestures, movements and ability to worry an audience. We had a story line, more or less some Alien Zombie coming to earth to resurrect dead people abusing them sexually / or making love. Great picture, amazing results. The shooting was painful/low budget in sensitive locations mainly in downtown Los Angeles.  And due to few productions obstacles, the sex scenes were strangely and surprisingly easy to achieve, despite the conditions.  Bruce is a sweet man very smart, humble, with a real vision; and after all it is always a delight to work with this artist.

How can you compare working in both porn to non-porn films. 

I did more porn content than non-porn ( almost mainstream) films on this long run. I guess the body language is the primordial asset for a porn performer more than his inner voice or soul. I never thought I had much charisma in most of my porn movies, despite few ones, and I still considered that the Direction in a porn movie is so important.

What are the similarities and differences?

Speaking about non-porn projects, how can I compare with such a tiny experience. Let’s say it’s harder, delivering a genuine emotion is a very refined ability. Porn performers have the capacity of substitute themselves to a mechanic and technical capacity of showing a sexual act and artificial desire, all designed for the consumers. I never considered myself as an actor! I’m pretty average and It’s not in my blood.Anyway, Porn Related Actors (Including me) are in general blacklisted from Mainstream Acting.

You have worked with a long list of famous fashion photographers. What’s your best memory from this? 

Terry Richardson was a great, strong meeting, it worked instantly, we had a blast and I have a great memory of that day. Another delightful experience was to be photographed by David Armstrong in his house in Brooklyn during summertime, a strange and nice day and an unlikely collaboration. Its all online if you want to check it out. 

Please tell us the story about your tattoos and also the new additions to your body art collection. 

The tattoos? No specific meaning from the majority of them, it ’s just a passion that drives me to do stupid and unthinking things. Honestly there is really nothing much to say except that I looked better without them!  I will do more soon because the addiction is now unstoppable and I’ve always said, “it’s better too much than not enough”. It’s too late, I’m fucked.

Can you share more about your role and involvement in the ‘A is for Alpha’ film project.

Cockyboys called me back after more or less a year of break. I love Jason and RJ, they are fun to work with and hang out with. We did few great big projects together and fans love my work for Cockyboys. This time I’ve been asked to be part of “A for Alpha” in a hot scene with the gorgeous Austin Wolf.

Tell us MORE!

In this series, we basically played with cliché of masculinity and showing a funny side of what people think the definition of a REAL man is; giving a contrast between a very raw, raunchy, manly sexual intercourse.  Also we were given the chance to explain our journey and sensibility in a following interview. There we speak about their true self, and their view about what defines genders, acceptance and about our own fluidity and fantasy.

I expressed that we can act like men but also behave like sensitive and respectful people. For my part playing with my feminine side had never been an issue in the eyes of others who think they’re exclusively and strictly masculine. All that masculine fantasy is just a façade. VOILA !!!  (gt)

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