It’s time to colour some eggs! Don’t miss out on the fun. Easter weekend is here again and there is much tradition to focus on for this holiday.

Colour Easter eggs, have an egg hunt or maybe the Easter bunny will surprise you with a treat!

Here is something else you can try. Give your guests a great gay Easter greeting with a big basket of jolly coloured eggs to brighten their spirits. Then sit back with your mimosa and see which one they grab for first. Take note of which colour each guest grabs first and write this down in your little notebook.

But is it just a simple choice?

We like to think that the colour of the egg that is chosen might correspond to the sexual preference of the “egg hunter”. These codes are based on the system of flagging one’s sexual preferences with a colour hanky or bandana in your back pocket.

The modern hanky code started in New York City in late 1970 or early 1971 in the then flourishing gay community. They decided that it  would be more efficient to announce their sexual preferences by wearing different coloured hankies. 

Gay history or urban myth?

There are other stories too. Others say the original red–blue system morphed into today’s code via sales marketing in 1971 by the San Francisco sex emporium, The Trading Post. They promoted handkerchiefs by printing cards listing the meanings of various colours.

Alan Selby, founder of Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, claimed that he created the first hanky code with his business partners at Leather ‘n’ Things in 1972. Their bandana supplier mistakenly doubled their order and the expanded code would help them sell the extra colours they had received.

Stop staring at his crotch and back to the Easter eggs!

We’ve shared this bit of “homo-history” and stand by our suggestions. Gay sex-coding can be expanded to include more that just handkerchiefs.  Now get back to colouring Easter eggs. Take this simple idea and from your gay grandaddies and give it a new twist. Here are a few examples to get you started with your own basket of joy:


What ever your plans are for this festive weekend ahead – stay home, stay healthy and stay safe! (gt)