São Paulo based fashion brand Boldstrap lit up the fashion runways recently with their latest collection. They presented a new fetish meets Harajuku line-up that took everyone in the fetish world by surprise. Check out these visuals from their recent event!

Indulge All Your Fantasies

This runway fashion show comes from Bold Strap, the cutting edge fetish fashion label based in Brazil.  It is a brand that celebrates the diversity of the LGBT+ community in all its different fantasies and fetishes. The label was initially launched and dedicated primarily to jockstraps but today it has expanded to fetish accessories and streetwear. The pieces are designed and produced in São Paulo, Brazil, under the creative direction of Pedro Andrade.

About the Hard Candy Collection

Cute and Kinky is the mood here! This is the creative thread that guides the Hard Candy collection. On the runway Boldstrap presents an image of innocence and perversion. This collection is built with ludic and childish elements like unicorns, teddy bears, clouds, wings and rainbows. These components are counterpoint to the more traditional and heavy elements such as chains, motocross, tribal graphics and leather fetish.  This “Hard Candy” collection was styled by artist and producer João França Ribeiro of São Paulo. 

More than just black leather and rubber here

The materials used here are plush, lace, nylon and plastic all in sweet colours. Therefore bringing a girly, playful toy like atmosphere – clashing with heavier elements like leather, metal rings and black vinyl. The source and nucleus for this concept was inspired by the cute and kawaii filters from Instagram.

Inclusion is the name of the game here

It wasn’t only the fashion that was breaking the all the rules. The label made sure to be represent as many colours and body types as possible for this show. Breaking down outdated boundaries combined with diversity is the new Macho!

There are accessories too!

Wear your heart or your bone proudly with these new statement necklaces from this new collection. In addition to dressing their models in vinyl and pastel stretch lace, Boldstrap also premiered a new line of accessories. Marcio Krakhecke, a Brazilian designer, worked in collaboration with Boldstrap to create these pieces . This “pervert” piece is one of our favourites! (gt)


See all of Boldstrap’s collections and more sexy Brazilian guys on Instagram: @boldstrap