We spoke with Paris based photographer and film maker Jean-Baptiste Huong about his newest film project “Because You’re Mine”

This new release features the very handsome Samuel de Sagas and is narrated by Stéphane Rideau in French with English subtitles. The story is about a young man flees the city and ventures into nature after receiving a breakup letter from his boyfriend. He finds a surreal, erotic paradise hidden in the woods and the rest you have to see. I have watched it multiple times and it is just BEAUTIFUL !

Jean-Baptiste took some time from his busy schedule to talk about this film. 

Can you tell us how you came up with the concept for this film?

I came from the cinema but I’m more known as photographer. Two years ago I met a producer who admired my work and decided to produce my movie. The concept was to be close to my work as a photographer – I decided to write a personal story about two people who are still in love but one decided to end the relationship because one suffered too much.

There is a LOT of symbolism in the film, most significantly, the water / baptism scene and the bondage / crucifixion scene. 

Yes, there are many symbols. because  I love elements in nature as water – I use a lot in my photographs. Men and nature mean so much to me.

There is also a religious symbol and different meanings too.  For example the moment the ex boyfriend appeared to Samuel as a ghost coming out from the water like baptism or death coming back to life and haunt Samuel.

What does this represent for each main character?

The “Crucifixion” is also a religious symbol like Jesus and the tree is assimilated to the Cross. I’m coming from a very catholic family so I’m very influenced. The “Bondage” part is a sexual symbol and my own fantasy. I wanted to put in the movie to justify Samuel’s love for Bastian (Andrew Sheater) and he accepts to be punished – and pain is part of love.

What is Bastian dealing with here?

Bastian is sad but he’s excited at the same time seeing his ex boyfriend having sex with other men. Surprisingly, the men in the forest are also another symbol as wolves (the beasts that just want meat, they’re starving) and Bastian is the leader and they all decide to punish Samuel.

How did you decide on the visuals for this?  

For the visuals I was very inspired by Brian de Palma movies such as  “Carrie” or “Casualties of War” using the technique of “Split Focus” (2 actions focused in the back and foreground at the same time).

Any inspirations from the cinema world?

I was also inspired by the movie “O Ornitólogo” (João Pedro Rodrigues) and a little bit by “L’inconnu du lac” (Alain Guiraudie).

Furtherfore, I mostly wanted the movie to be close to my work as a photographer of men and nature.

I understand that this film was shot in Berlin? 

The movie was shot in Berlin because I love the landscapes and lots of beautiful lakes. Also because is easier for filming naked men. In France, it’s very complicated for asking permission for a small project like mine.

Where can people see “Because You’re Mine” on a big screen or is it only available digitally?

Some lucky people had seen the movie through the almost thirty film festivals. We have been invited to all around the world. Others can see now on a streaming platform via Vimeo right here:


Whats on the horizon for you in 2020 ? 

As the movie is a success on line, we just decide to put the money in a new project this year, I hope I could do it this fall. I can’t tell more for the moment because I haven’t finished writing it yet but it’s gonna be more a sexy and dark comedy and shorter than this one. I guess I could film in Barcelona. (gt)

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