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Boner World Magazine

Boner World Magazine offers exclusive photography series, exciting journalistic entertainment, trendsetting topics, in addition to numerous tips, health information and news for gay men.
Our focus with this title is to actively promote creative artists and minds from the gay community and for the gay community.

Boner World Magazine was founded in February 2019 to expand on the success of our German language publication Boner Magazine for German and Austria.
This new title title in English offers a very special look at the gay community and is distributed in the major cities of 22 countries within the EU and beyond.

Boner World Magazine in combination with the original Boner Magazine are now the biggest gay magazines in Europe. Their publishing house B-World Media & Marketing GmbH, is currently the largest publisher for the gay community worldwide.

Our Team

Christian Sommer

Chief Editor:
Gregory Teodori

Jarrod Campbell
Lee-Jean Chow
Oskar Fanjul
Pascal Fruth
Katrin Günter
Rui Silva
Michael Soze

Graphic Design:
Ciprian Vrabie

Christian Sommer
Eckehard Heine
Chad Hampton
email: sales@b-world.de

Office Manager:
Matthias Pohland
Main number: +49 030 / 68 91 71 82

Chad Hampton

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