Porn Superstars Austin Wolf & François Sagat finally get together in their scene filmed in Paris!  

After years of an online friendship filled with a lot of flirting, these two guys launched the new series – “A Is For Alpha” for Cockyboys.  Here they explore what it means to be an ‘Alpha Man’. You’re in for some big surprises as Austin & François first open up about themselves and about each other, and it all leads to an unforgettable pairing of pent-up attraction.

This first installment is directly from the co-owner of CockyBoys – Jake Jaxson who produced the ‘A is fo Alpha’ series we get his take on what this is all about: 

How did you get started in the porn world and with the CockyBoys label in particular?

Like many, I’m an accidental pornographer — I was the owner of a marketing company, specializing in online marketing, and we ending up taking over one of the porn sites we represented. That lead to our starting a retail site called ‘’ — cut to 5 years later and I was offered the opportunity to buy CockyBoys. I have been running it for the past 10 years with my husband, of twenty-years- RJ, who is our creative director and lead director.

What are the biggest challenges facing the major porn studios today? 

I think the biggest challenge is grabbing and keeping customers attention. There are SO many things one can do now for entertainment and porn is not as taboo as it was when we started. So more and more Studios need to deliver projects that are more than just SEX. We do our best to try and create projects that tickle more that just the bone between your legs.

Do you see more in the way of ‘boutique porn’ coming from CockyBoys? 

I don’t mind that description at all, but I would describe our porn as more of a curated experience — we don’t really focus on types, or gimmicks. We are really trying to capture a fucking hot connection and authentic experience between gay men.

Has the rise of censorship affected the way that you present porn? 

There has always been censorship on many platforms when it comes to porn, but more and more there is a rise of social media censorship when it comes to anything related to Sex and Sexuality. I think that this is dangerous for many reasons. As a gay boy growing up in a very religious part of the South I was literally going insane with the thoughts inside my head, not knowing what “gay” was or not being able to understand my sexual thoughts.

It wasn’t until I saw my first Gay Porn magazine did I realized what I was thinking was indeed real and I was not as crazy as I believed. So to that end, I am a firm believer that Porn has Purpose. So to that end — I’m never going to stop what I’m doing and I will always work to adapt to what comes our way.

Please tell us about the new project of ‘A is for Alpha’.

This project came about because I am always interested in people’s perception of what they expect in how they navigate their sex life and porn as an extension of it. More and more I have been seeing folks who are labeled MASC, exploring many different sides of their sexuality. And Francois Sagat is a perfect example of that. I have been able to work with him many times now and I love it because each time he always delivers something more than I expect. So I want to create a series that showcased ALPHA as a state of mind and show the different ways to explore the ideas and notions of control, confidence, and commitment between partners in Alpha sex.

What is the feedback from the fans on this new series? 

So far our members have loved it — at first we had some folks on social media wag their fingers at us about toxic masculinity — but when they see the series they get that we are celebrating many types of Alpha Play — pup play with Mateo Vice, Dad/Son vibes, and some hot Zaddy action with the return of Brent Everett — guess you can say that’s Zaddy with a Z! (gt) 

See more about ‘A for Alpha’ on CockyBoys here

photos by: RJ Sebastian – follow him on Twitter here